ZenGPT Email Crash Course: Zero to Hero in 5 Days with Zero Coding

In just 5 days, our course will empower you to build and launch your own custom GPT, tailored with your knowledge base and requiring zero technical skills.

Why This Course?

The launch of OpenAI’s GPT Store ushers in a new era of AI. This 5-day email series course is your ticket into this exciting new territory. We'll guide you through creating and launching your GPT, whether it's for a wide audience or a select group.

Your GPT, Your Rules

Ditch the hassle of constant prompt tweaking. This course empowers you to create your own GPT that's wired with your knowledge (and speaks your language), right from the start.

In this GPT Crash Course, You'll Learn How to:

Understand GPT Foundations

Understand GPT Foundations

Grasp the basics of Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT) and the things beginner GPT creators must know.

Design Your Unique GPT

Design Your Unique GPT

Learn how to create your own GPT that is catered to your company or personal goals, through the GPT builder.

Launch on OpenAI's GPT Store

Launch on OpenAI's GPT Store

Get to know the ropes in smoothly launching your GPT on the newly released GPT Store.

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