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Forget the AI fluff you've been sold. The ZenAI Survival Kit is your no-BS passport to mastering AI, whether you're gunning to scale your business or turbocharge your personal growth.

ZenAI Survival Kit Course: Ignite Your Skills in 5 Days!

Day 1: Mastering Gamma AI for Impactful Presentations

  • Harness the power of Gamma AI to transform your ideas into compelling visual stories.

  • Learn to quickly apply your brand theme across presentations for a consistent look and feel.

  • Discover how to share projects with your team for real-time feedback and co-editing.

  • Get skilled at editing and reviewing presentations on-the-go, ensuring you're always ready to impress.

Day 2: Streamlining Meetings with Zoom IQ Meeting Summary

  • Set up Zoom IQ to automatically generate concise, accurate meeting summaries.

  • Focus fully on discussions, knowing the note-taking is handled, enhancing your participation and attention.

  • Master the art of distributing key meeting insights quickly among team members or stakeholders.

  • Develop a keen eye for reviewing AI-generated summaries, ensuring no critical detail is missed.

  • Choose wisely who gets the summary, tailoring the dissemination to fit the audience - team only or all attendees.

Day 3: Elevating Your Writing with Type AI

  • Kickstart your writing projects by generating first drafts with Type AI within minutes.

  • Utilize Type Chat for brainstorming and refining ideas, making writing a dynamic and interactive process.

  • Use AI to refine and polish your text, enhancing clarity, tone, and style.

  • Leverage inline AI writing commands to overcome writer’s block and maintain a creative flow.

  • Explore diverse writing formats, from SEO-optimized blog posts to persuasive sales copy.

Day 4: Leveraging Taplio for LinkedIn Strategy

  • Learn to schedule content that aligns with your audience's peak engagement times for maximum impact.

  • Get proficient at using Taplio's analytics to understand what resonates with your LinkedIn audience.

  • Discover strategies to optimize your profile and posts for greater visibility and engagement.

  • Utilize Taplio to convert your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation tool.

  • Master networking techniques that leverage AI insights for building valuable connections.

Day 5: Building Custom Chatbots with Chatbase

  • Craft chatbots that reflect your brand’s voice and serve your specific audience’s needs.

  • Input your unique content, allowing Chatbase to create bots that answer queries with precision.

  • Place your chatbot strategically on your website or customer portal for maximum user engagement.

  • Analyze chat interactions to understand user needs better and continually refine your bot’s responses.

  • Stay ahead by updating and expanding your chatbot’s knowledge base as your business evolves.

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Trailblazing Content

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Elite Network

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